List of Donors

Land of the Maribou / 1988 / 50x78 in / AC
Land of the Maribou / 1988 / 50×78 in / AC

We thank the following donors for their generosity and dedication to the success of the Alden Mason monograph. Note: Donations are updated as of November 28, 2020.

$10,000 and above

Susan Brotman
Phen Huang/Foster White Gallery
Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom/Greg Kucera Gallery
C. Christopher Latham and Alida C. Latham

$5,000 – $9,999

Amjad and Helen Bangash
Arlene Schnitzer
Jordan Schnitzer
Merrill Wright
Wyman Youth Trust

$3,000 – $4,999

Dennis Evans and Nancy Mee
George and Kim Suyama

$2,000 – 2,999

Mitch Mitchell and Barbara O'Steen
Herb and Lucy Pruzan
Karin Williams

$1,000 – $1,999

Vicki and Gary Glant
Marsha and Jay Glazer
Karen and William Kiemle
Ann Magnano and Sherry Boddy
David McCrae and Susan Schweitzer
Bill McMahon and Gene Gentry McMahon
Michael and Danielle Mroczek
Bill and Sally Neukom
Merch and Alice Pease
Rick and Lisa Plath
Todd Rosin and R. Todd Armstrong
Bob and Shake Sarkis
Joan and Ray Scheetz
Diane Shaw
Mel and Leena Sturman
Virginia Wright

$500 – $999

Jane & Jerry Baldwin
Jacqueline Barnett
Bruce Bradburn & Meg Holgate
Karen Simonson Grimsby
Kay Hardy and Gregory Kaslo
Dr. Dale Hall and Susan Russell Hall
Mike Hascall
Kim Hoffman
Sharon and Steven Huling
Debra Hunter
George and Alice McCain
Stephen McClelland
Erin and Tom Neubauer
Grace Nordhoff and Jonathan Beard
Virginia Paquette and Bill Smith
Eric Peterson and Barbara Pomeroy
Joe Peterson and Theresa Doherty
Dimitri Raisis
Joseph Roberts
Dale and Sue Roundy
Betty and Bob Stott
Rob Thesman and Marci Flanery
Janet and Doug True
Kathy and Jim Tune
Terry and Jeff Wilson

$50 – $499

Jeffrey and Brenda Atkin
Trudy Baldwin
Richard Baxter and Michelle Badiion
Cassandra (Barbara) Carothers
Sheila Coppola
Linda Dailey
Steve Ellis and Helen Stevens
Lily Eng
Tyler Engle
Lisa and Federico Farin
Ron Glowen
Ben Goffe
Jeff Greenstreet
Karen Guzak
Patricia Howie
Fay Jones
Jack and Layne Kleinart
Christine Kline
Constance and Gus Kravas
Henry Levy
Norman Lundin
John and Jane Marshall
Diane and Kirby McDonald
Richard Meltzer and Lucy Gentry Meltzer
Michael Nelson and David Updike
Renato Oliva
Mary Ann Peters
Brian Phillips and Susan McMillan
Ruth and James Raisis
Tom Rasmussen and Clayton Lewis
Florian Raymann & Maria Bischof
Debra and Peter Rettman
Barbara & Quincy Robertson
Norie Sato
Beth Sellars
Mike Spafford Jr. and Lisa Dutton
Dr. Michael Stewart
Ray and Cate Taylor
Dr. Michael Theisen and Ronald Jones
Mary Ann and Val Tolefson
William Turner and Josie Emmons Turner
Fred and Julia Wan
Kathie Werner
Jeri and Simon Winchester
Carol Young
Karma Zaike